Our Vision

Xverum was created to solve a problem for its clients.


The most fascinating and valuable data they found on the internet – data about people and businesses – was simple to view but very difficult to obtain and handle. When clients were able to extract it themselves, it was in limited quantities, unstructured, and scattered with errors. Xverum set about giving clients access to this web data, at a massive scale, fully processed and structured in a format that they could use.


A Forbes survey found that 95% of businesses said that managing unstructured data was a problem. Data was initially the realm of data scientists who informed strategy, but today, data has become a necessary part of decision making at every level within a successful business. Sales, marketing, product development and even manufacturing are benefiting from the possibilities unlocked by utilizing data. 


Xverum specializes in the heavy-lifting of web data selling, processing, and verification to deliver web data to clients at scale, in a format that they can utilize.


Xverum team is expert in cleansing errors and restructuring data into a format that can be consumed by the machine learning algorithms deployed by clients.


In the future, Xverum will continue to position itself at the bleeding edge of web data services.

Our Values

Xverum is committed to the principle that there should be a balance between open web principles and the protection of individual rights. This requires free and healthy expression online and the safe usage of the internet in a non-discriminatory (net neutral) manner. Most people use the internet daily, displaying some very personal and sensitive information. Xverum appreciates the importance and responsibility of handling this information.


The principles of the open web require the protection of user identity and privacy. This is relevant to Xverum regarding the manner in which the data is handled. That is why it operates in strict compliance with the highest levels of regulation in both North America (CCPA) and Europe (GDPR), often exceeding the requirements of regulation to protect users.


For more information, please see our privacy policy here.


Founder & Chairman of the Board – Miki Balin

Miki began as a tech entrepreneur in the 1990s and has founded three successful start-ups. Since 2005, his companies have utilized data extraction techniques.


Miki is deeply involved in Israel’s art scene and is an offroad jeep enthusiast.

President & GM America – Yuval Kotzer

Yuval has a Bachelor of Law and spent over 15 years as a Legal & Business Consultant in various industries across the world.


He enjoys reading, playing chess, and cooking good stuff for his family and friends.

Chief Revenue Officer – Amir Nahmias

Amir has over 20 years in General Management and senior International Business Development roles in private and public companies with a focus on the internet and software industries.


Amir, like Miki, is an offroad jeep enthusiast and that is how the two met. He is also an avid traveler and scuba diver.

Head of Finance – Oshrit Tauber

Oshrit brings a wealth of experience in accounting and finance.


She holds a B.A. in Economy & Accounting from the Hebrew University and has honed her skills through her previous work at two famous accounting firms, BDO and Ernst & Young.


Oshrit is an expert in financial management, corporate audit, hedge funds, and tax returns, making her a valuable asset to our team.


In her personal life, Oshrit is an avid traveler. 

VP of Research & Development – Leon Leviner 


Leon has over 15 years of experience as CTO and VP of R&D in high-tech industries spanning fin-tech, ad-tech, mobile, and AI.

He studied B.Sc. in CS and applied mathematics, and M.Sc. in experimental physics (TAU).


In his spare time, he enjoys watching science fiction, playing table tennis, and practicing taijutsu.

VP of Product & Marketing – Eran Menachemi

Eran has extensive experience within online companies as an entrepreneur (Navicula, Ludus Play, ExeQi…) and executive management roles taking the lead of product marketing.  


When not working, Eran enjoys traveling, reading books and spending time with family.

VP of Business Development – US – Ronen Raveh
Ronen is an Experienced VP of Sales & Data with a demonstrated history of working in the startup industry.


Over the years, Ronen helped companies in their growth efforts leading many to successful conclusions.


Ronen holds an M.A in Mediation and Resolution of Conflicts from Tel Aviv University.

VP of Customer Success – Assaf Orlev

Assaf is a certified lawyer and an experienced business manager. Over the last 15 years, he has led global sales in several companies across the Israeli Start-up ecosystem.


Assaf is also a musician, a writer, and a VR enthusiast.