Our Vision

Xverum exists to help US clients solve problems by using web data. Web data is publically available data found across the open internet, but it is unstructured and, often, unobtainable. The US market has a unique set of needs and regulations, and Xverum’s decades of experience in this space gives clients an advantage.



Xveum has the exclusive license to distribute data and insights from Operia (Operia.io); a global leader in the supply of in-demand web data. Founded by experts in data collection, cleansing and analysis, it has helped US companies grow revenue and increase profits by uncovering insights hidden in massive amounts of web data.



Companies are often able to gather small, targeted web data, but Xverum is designed for massive data projects. It was created for clients seeking billions of data points, collected on a regular basis from all over the world. Xverum collects the web data and cleanses it of errors. It then structures it according to the needs of clients and delivers it in a format that is compatible with its clients’ data ingestion systems.


President – Yuval Kotzer
Yuval has a Bachelor of Law and spent over 15 years as a Legal & Business Consultant in various industries across the world.


He enjoys reading, playing chess, and cooking good stuff for his family and friends.

VP of Sales & Data – Ronen Raveh
Ronen is an Experienced VP of Sales & Data with a demonstrated history of working in the startup industry.


Over the years, Ronen helped companies in their growth efforts leading many to successful conclusions.
Ronen holds an M.A in Mediation and Resolution of Conflicts from Tel Aviv University.

Our Values

Xverum is committed to the principle that there should be a balance between open web principles and the protection of individual rights. This requires free and healthy expression online and the safe usage of the internet in a non-discriminatory (net neutral) manner. Most people use the internet daily, displaying some very personal and sensitive information. Xverum appreciates the importance and responsibility of handling this information.


Xverum and Operia are considerate of privacy best-practice in the web data it extracts and how it is handled. That is why it operates in strict compliance with the highest levels of regulation in both North America (CCPA) and Europe (GDPR), often exceeding the requirements of regulation to protect users.


For more information, please see our privacy policy here.