Via the API we can basically extract any publicly available web data, i.e. data that can be extracted without login.

Specific targets that we cover with a very high coverage are: Google (search, travel, shopping), Bing, Amazon, Walmart, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Our expected throughput depends on the target.


There is no limit to the API, we run 3B+ web target requests a month and we can handle any volume our clients need.

It depends on the target and the available resources.


The average response time is 5-10 sec, and you can run with thousands of parallel requests.

You can find the info here in our API documentation: https://www.xverum.com/api_doc/

It’s super easy! all the client need to do is to have their target URLs, and to send the requests in the format that is mentioned in our API documentation: https://www.xverum.com/api_doc