Company Profile Datasets

Get full insight into company profile data.

Xverum’s company profile datasets comprise information collected from the biggest source of data: the web. They are used to derive valuable insights into labor market trends, as well as to identify new business opportunities and professional candidates.

Fresh Datasets

We regularly update our datasets, assuring you access to the latest data and allowing for timely analysis of the rapidly evolving recruitment market & dynamic business environment.

Historical Datasets

We maintain at your disposal our historical datasets, allowing you to conduct a comprehensive and reliable analysis, as well as trend identification and forecasting.

Business-critical Data Types

We offer access to robust datasets sourced from over 50 million company profiles, including firmographic data:
  • Get the full, detailed picture of a company, industry or market
  • Identify companies’ geographic strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate corporate structures and departmental divisions
  • Develop and train predictive investment models with machine learning algorithms
  • Target your business’ lead generation efforts

Easy Access and Retrieval

Our company datasets are available in the industry-standard convenient JSON and CSV formats. These structured formats make our datasets compatible with machine learning, artificial intelligence training, and similar applications. The historical data retrieval process is quick and reliable thanks to our robust, easy-to-implement API integration.

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Datasets for investors

Investment firms and hedge funds use our datasets to better inform their investment decisions by gaining up-to-date, reliable insights into workforce growth, geographic expansion, market focus, technology shifts, and other factors of start-ups and established companies.

Datasets for businesses

Our datasets are used by retailers, manufacturers, real estate agents, and many other types of B2B & B2C business to stay ahead of the curve. They are able to gain insights into the competitive landscape, technology and product adoption trends as well as power their lead generation processes with data-driven decision-making.

Popular use cases

Lead Generation

Businesses can significantly boost their lead generation efforts by using our datasets to access up-to-date data on decision-makers and influencers of their prospective clients. Find new opportunities when someone is promoted or starts a new role and don’t waste time chasing people who no longer make decisions.

Talent Acquisition

Data-driven talent acquisition can dramatically streamline and improve recruitment processes, by allowing recruiters, HR and hiring managers to leverage large-scale, accurate datasets to identify, vet & evaluate prospects.

Trend Forecasting

Businesses and investors can use our individual profile datasets to evaluate market, industry, workforce, product or technology adoption trends, forecast the development of exisiting trends, and identify hidden and emerging trends.

Data Enrichment

Companies can significantly improve their relationship management processes with their customers, vendors and others by enriching the contact data by adding resume, individual profile, job listing and firmographic data using our datasets. This gives formely hidden context to relationships, makes communication smoother and more likely to achieve desired outcome.

Identity Resolution

Companies involved with identity resolution platforms, technology and services can greatly benefit from incorporating our datasets, by enriching identity profiles with vital additional data, improving identity validation, and enhancing fraud protection and security protocols.

Many more

These are a few examples of how companies use our company profile datasets. If you have another project in mind involving firmographic data, let us know: we are sure we will find the right data solution for your project.

Why Xverum?

With decades of experience in building large-scale web data products, Xverum’s international team is committed to providing our clients with personalized, high-end, reliable service and top-quality data. Led by experienced executive leaders, top-level data specialists and software engineers, and dedicated customer service specialists, offering fresh datasets of over 650 million professionals, 50 million companies and over 100 million POIs . You won’t find a better partner than Xverum to get your project implemented in record time, at the most efficient price on the market, and in a more efficient and reliable manner.

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