Dataset FAQs

We currently offer 3 types of datasets:

  1. Full WW dataset of 700M profiles. Containing the most valuable companies and personal profiles, refreshed on a monthly basis.
  2. Full country data of companies and personal profiles in any specific country required, refreshed on a monthly basis.
  3. Open jobs data of all active jobs. Refreshed on a daily basis.

The data is always up-to-date, with the highest refresh rate in the market.

A minimum of 650M personal profiles, 50M company profiles.

We can send the downloadable links to the server directly. We can also upload the date to our clients, through AWS S3 bucket.

We refresh the data on a monthly basis. On average, the whole data is fully refreshed every 4 months.

Lead Generation tools, HR tools (get the right candidates for a job), Market Trends, Predictions, Market Insights and more.