Operia Web Scraper

Operia is a state-of-the-art solution for any large-scale scraping project, relying on our proprietary residential IP network as well as multiple reliable third-party IP vendors to reliably scrape target web assets and deliver raw HTML output.



In addition to our proprietary residential IP network, multiple third-party IP vendors back Operia, and we are always adding new vendors to our pool. Operia was created mainly for companies that are using multiple vendors to help you retain stability and give you access to numerous vendors on 1 API request. All you need to do is send your http “GET” request to us, and at the backend, Operia will send that request to an available vendor and retrieve the output on the same connection.

Global IP pool & Geo-Targeting

Access our ever-growing pool of over two million real residential IPs all over the world with flexible geo-targeting capabilities.

Scrape Static & Dynamic content

You can crawl both regular static pages as well as dynamically generated pages based on JS and other frameworks and get raw HTML output.


Automated IP rotation for efficient, reliable, block-free web access.


Instant scaling with immediate access to our entire global residential IP pool and those of third-party IP vendors, top connection speeds, and transparent, month-to-month billing model without long-term commitments. 


No need to think about hardware, infrastructure, or setup! We can manage everything for you. 


Pass your own user-agent and cookies


We help you evade blocks and captchas. The stress of blocks and captchas has been eliminated. Our team of expert engineers uses their combined industry experience to stay ahead of the game. Our algorithms are regularly updated to help you dodge blocks and solve captchas.


Fast, personalized, enterprise-level support from developers who built the product and are constantly working on making it even better. 


We use strong encryption standards to protect data in transit using TLS 1.3 with AES encryption, and the latest recommended secure cipher suites.


Our proprietary residential IP network and third-party IP vendors are constantly being vetted for blocked or blacklisted addresses to assure 99% uptime and reliable data extraction process via real, clean residential IPs, guaranteeing you minimal blocking and timeouts.


We offer highly competitive rates, with no long-term commitments: just a simple, transparent and cost-effective monthly service agreement. Pay no surcharges or penalties and never get billed for error requests.


Get ready to start immediately with our user-friendly API. Our API has been built with developers in mind, giving you instant access to start crawling. Integrate easily with your preferred framework and language.

Popular Use Cases


Here are some of the business applications our customers use Operia Web Scraper for.

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Gather reliable and up-to-date pricing and other sales intelligence data

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Retrieve unlimited, relevant leads from professional networking and social media sites

Review Aggregation

Review Aggregation

Get review and feedback data from across the web or specific websites for competitive & brand monitoring

Content Aggregation

Content Aggregation

Gather content, aggregate opinions, trends and public sentiment without getting blocked, delayed or misled.

Travel Fare Aggregation

Travel Fare Aggregation

Reliably extract real travel fare rates by avoid blocking and behavioral price customizations 

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing

Source top talent from professional networking and social media sites quickly and reliably

SEO Monitoring

SEO Monitoring

Get reliable SERPs and other vital SEO data without getting blocked or presented with distorted data.

Anything else you can think of

Anything else you can think of

We can help you make it happen! Just describe your needs in the form below and we will get back to you with a solution.


We offer transparent pricing structure with no long-term contract commitments–pay month to month and scale up or down at any time.



per month

Includes Either

214K HTML pages

($1.40/1K HTML pages)

– OR –

142K HTML+JS pages

($2.10/1K HTML+JS pages)

Top-up price when exceeding monthly allocation: $1.40 per 1K HTML pages and $2.10 per 1K HTML+JS pages



per month

Includes Either

625K HTML pages

($1.20/1K HTML pages)

– OR –

416K HTML+JS pages

($1.80/1K HTML+JS pages)

Top-up price when exceeding monthly allocation: $1.20 per 1K HTML pages and $1.80 per 1K HTML+JS pages



per month

Includes Either

1,500K HTML pages

($1/1K HTML pages)

– OR –

1,000K HTML+JS pages

($1.50/1K HTML pages)

Top-up price when exceeding monthly allocation: $1 per 1K HTML pages and $1.50 per 1K HTML pages


Need more bandwidth than in our Corporate plan? Contact us with your expected volume estimates and we’ll get you a special deal!