Points of Interest (POI)

Get fresh, accurate, and precise point-of-interest data

We provide complete coverage of POI Datasets, collected via web sources and updated on a quarterly basis.


We offer hundreds of millions of points of interest (POI) worldwide, including over 24M in North America.


They are used to derive valuable insights into navigation systems, travel guides, location-based services and geo-marketing.

  • Coverage

    We provide the best worldwide coverage, and offer the flexibility to extend it to any country upon request.

  • Accuracy

    We enable our users to trust and rely on the information they receive, making a specific effort to the precision of the information and enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

  • Recency

    We understand that our users rely on exact information, this is why recency is one of our primary concerns. At Xverum, we commit to refreshing the POI datasets every 3 months up to weekly, upon customers’ needs.


Business-critical use cases

Our POI datasets make life easier across multiple industries such as:

Retail Businesses

They can strategically target their marketing efforts by identifying and analyzing key POI data in specific geographical regions, enabling them to tailor their advertising and store locations.

Routing and Navigation Solutions

By adding our POI to their existing data sources, we enable our customers to search and select destinations, and facilitate the identification and analysis of nearby location data.

Food and Dining

They optimize their logistics operations by using POI data, which allows them to efficiently plan delivery routes, manage inventory, and make informed decisions.

Real Estate

POI data can help real estate developers gather insights before investing or building in a new neighborhood.

Your challenge is our solution. With our POI datasets, take advantage of our industry-leading product and propel your company into a new era of success.

Why Xverum?

With decades of experience in building large-scale web data products, Xverum’s international team is committed to providing our clients with personalized, high-end, reliable service and top-quality data. Led by experienced executive leaders, top-level data specialists and software engineers, and dedicated customer service specialists, offering fresh datasets of over 650 million professionals, 50 million companies and over 100 million POIs . You won’t find a better partner than Xverum to get your project implemented in record time, at the most efficient price on the market, and in a more efficient and reliable manner.

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