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True Web Through A Million Eyes
Get the true, unfiltered view of the web with Xverum’s API. Our ever-growing global network of real, unblockable residential IPs is built for large-scale web scraping and enterprise-level data extraction projects. If you are looking for rotating backconnect proxy services, you’ll be amazed by our API capabilities.

Features & Benefits


A pool of over one million real residential IPs predominantly in tier 1 countries, flexible geo-targeting capabilities, https/http support, auto-optimization of session duration & IP rotation frequency, ability to send unlimited concurrent requests via multiple IPs for fastest data collection and more.


Instant scaling with immediate access to Xverum’s entire global residential IP pool, unlimited API requests, top connection speeds, no bandwidth limitations, and pay-as-you-go service model.


Ongoing expansion of residential IP network and constant vetting of blocked or blacklisted addresses to assure 99.99% uptime and reliable data extraction process via real, clean residential IPs.


Simple yet powerful and flexible coder-friendly JSON API compatible with all major programming languages, offering easy integration with most popular tools for data extraction, SEO, web automation, testing & scraping, and virtually any custom HTTP-request bot.


All http and https requests via our anonymous residential IPs are encrypted using AES-256 algorithm and are then base64 encoded.


Fast, personalized, enterprise-level support from developers who built the product and are constantly working on making it even better.


We offer the lowest rates on the market, with no minimum commitments, overcharges, or pre-payments: just a simple, transparent and cost-effective pay-as-you-go service agreement.


It’s easy to get started. Simply contact us to set up your free testing account, receive full API documentation or with any questions you might have, and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Use Cases

Ad verification

Reliably check your advertisers' and affiliates' landing pages and ads across the web to identify brand terms and copyright infringements, pricing policy violations, malware infection, broken or fraudulent links, misleading or low-quality marketing copy. See ads as real users see them, without advertisers ever knowing they are being checked and so preventing them from blocking you or cloaking their malicious behavior.

Price comparison & competitive analysis

Monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies across multiple channels to make accurate pricing decisions, data-mine pricing statistics for a research project or harvest product data for a shopping comparison service using Xverum's residential IPs and get only the real prices, unaltered prices.


Gather large volumes of search intelligence data, analyse your competitors' SEM initiatives, ASO activities and SEO strategies, crawl massive amounts of SERPs, app store listing pages and websites without being blocked or presented with distorted data based on your browsing behavior. 

Content aggregation & social listening

Listen in on the buzz in real-time, gather user-generated content, aggregate opinions, identify trends and gauge public sentiment on topics such as politics, fashion, language, industry dynamics, consumer products and more, without getting blocked, delayed or misled by obfuscation or cloaking.

Brand monitoring

Monitor online chatter through our residential IP pool to gauge real global sentiment towards your brand, product or service across the web by scraping forums, discussion boards, social media sources, review sites and any other online sources. 

Lead generation & talent sourcing

Get a head start on lead generation and talent sourcing by collecting contact information and public data on your perspective clients or employees from networking sites, business directories, social media and other online sources. 

Anything else you can think of

We are confident we can accommodate any project for which secure and reliable API service relying on millions of true residential IPs is required. Get in touch with us with your project's details, to view our API documentation and learn more about our flexible and cost-effective pricing plans.


How it works

1. Get started

Contact us to receive full API documentation and set up your free testing account, as well as with any questions or requests for customization you might have.

2. Connect

Connect your crawler, scraper or automation software or any custom script to our service via the API using your testing account credentials.

3. Configure

Configure your endpoint and project settings according our API documentation.

4. Test

Continue using your testing account with allocated free 10K request quota until you’ve worked out the optimal configuration for your project. And remember, our support team is always available to assist.


5. Ready!

Once you’ve thoroughly tested our service and are satisfied Xverum is the optimal solution for your project, we will upgrade you to a full customer account with a transparent, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go payment plan. You are now ready to begin harvesting accurate data to grow your business.



We offer the most competitive pricing on the market and a flexible, transparent pay-as-you-go payment plan with no long-term commitments, no minimum quotas or overage charges.


Contact us for details, special offers and to activate your free testing account.

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